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A tower defense game with cryptos

Crypto: Against All Odds takes inspiration from the original classic Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) game. Similar to Plants vs. Zombies, but instead of battling hungry zombies in your backyard, you will be commanding a squad of crypto defenders to fight against various blockchain threats (bugs, hackers, 51% attack, ransomware, etc.)

As a modern tower defense game on Steam, Crypto: Against All Odds lets you play as a mysterious blockchain security expert during the early days of Bitcoin. Hunt bounties, explore a virtual forum, chat with other characters, and uncover a big conspiracy in one of the best hacking games on Steam.


Play with your favorite cryptos, each with their own unique abilities

Each crypto defender is designed with unique ability that fits their respective blockchain technology. Witness Bitcoin's Lightning Network in action, employ Ethereum's Plasma power or Litecoin's Fast buff to win the game.

Customize your defender squad along with fiat powers

Choose up to six (6) cryptos along with four (4) fiat powers into each mission. Combine various crypto abilities and tactics to build the ultimate defense against any blockchain threat.

Upgrade Your Central Hub

Visit and upgrade your central Hub between missions. Each Hub upgrade is not only cosmetic, but will grant additional features or even introduce an entirely new game mode!


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If you have any question, want to chat about the game, or have ideas or suggestions for your favorite crypto, head over to our Discord server and join the awesome community