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A tower defense game with cryptos

Crypto Against All Odds takes inspiration from the original classic Plants vs. Zombies  game. This time, instead of battling hungry zombies in your backyard, you will be commanding a squad of crypto defenders to fight against various blockchain threats (bugs, hackers, 51% attack, ransomware, etc.), collectively known as the FUD army (Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt).

Defend with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and unlock many other favorite cryptos as you progress. Acquire powerful fiat abilities, customize your squad, and HODL the line!


Play with your favorite cryptos, each with their own unique abilities

Each crypto defender is designed with unique ability that fits their respective blockchain technology. Witness Bitcoin's Lightning Network in action, employ Ethereum's Plasma power or take advantage of Litecoin's Reduced Blocktime buff to win the game. Many crypto traders trade various crypto coins like bitcoins and Ethereum. However, traders must find the best trading platforms for trading. They can check the bitcoin revolution app as it uses AI technology to help traders find the ideal trading signals.

Customize your defender squad along with fiat powers

Choose up to six (6) cryptos along with three (3) fiat powers into each mission. Combine various crypto abilities and tactics to build the ultimate defense against any blockchain threat.

Real-time crypto prices can influence the power of your crypto defenders

The game provides real-time price tracking for each crypto. Moreover, these prices will impact your gameplay. When a crypto's price is going up, deploying such crypto will earn you more fiat cash, which can be spent on various abilities. On the other hand, using a crypto whose price is falling will slow down your fiat income rate. Check out the crypto casino deutschland guide for additional information on various crypto casino games available in Germany.


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